Corporate Social Responsibility

A Non- Profit making Company going to be formulated only to share a part of the sales revenue of Sahil Groups to be deployed in social activities of the group, joining hands with other partner and also to cater its own part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. Sahil Group will contribute by sharing 5 to 10%from its net profit.

All India FMCG Association, the other Non- Profit making Company under the Group is formulated with an unique notion to strengthen the backbone of the FMCG Companies all over India, in terms of establishing basic Infrastructures like, Open Training Institutes for executives & managers for FMCG Industries, Guest Houses, Certifications, Facilitation of network, & also establishing state of art taste LAB & Research Centers with Certification System, which shall be an unique ecstasy of its own in the arena of FMCG Industry in India. It will help in opening job opportunity for women in rural and urban areas. This will be an another step towards women empowerment.


Sahil Social Foundation Future Projection


Hospitals / Schools


Rehabilitation Centres


Spiritual Parks


Old Age Homes